Queensland Week

So it’s finally become official: I have been living under a rock.  Did you know that this week (May 30 – June 7) is Queensland Week?! I certainly didn’t until I saw it advertised a few weeks ago.  Thinking it was some State of Origin gimmick (as you do), I was horrified to learn that they’ve been doing this for ages.  Like since the 1980s.  Queensland Week is an annual celebration of all things Queensland: the heritage, the culture, the people and the lifestyle.  The highlight of the week is Queensland Day (6th of June), the day in 1859 on which Queen Victoria signed the Letters Patent declaring it an independent colony from NSW.  So just how do Queenslander’s celebrate their state’s birthday? By painting the town maroon, of course.  To me, Queensland is so much more than maroon – it’s sunshine and summer storms, mango ice cream, sandy beaches and blue ocean, rainforest, lorikeets talking in the trees at dusk, fragrant frangipani and pineapples.  This is my Queensland life in pictures 🙂

© 2015 Live Life Brisbane

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